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Essay on cultural identity, Institute of Art and Ideas, UK Aug 2021

My European House
Essay re Future of Europe, Anthology Europa 28, Comma Press, UK 2020

To See the One Who Sees You*
Essay on cultural identification, Politiken 2019

May Mohammad Have Mercy on Our World*
Essay on the Danish Cartoon crisis, proving the publication of the 2005 Mohammad Cartoons a willful radicalization project, Weekendavisen, 2018

Between Good and Evil
Essay on the human choice between moderation and extremism, Institute of Art & Ideas, UK 2017, Weekendavisen DK 2018

Thank God for the Burden of History*
Essay on moral lessons to be learned by Europe re refugees from Germany’s accountability for Nazi-atrocities, FAZ, Germany, 9 May 2016

The Human Compass: When Extremism Becomes the Magnetic North*
Essay Human moral steering, Institute of Art & Ideas, UK, April 2016

Ode to a Land*
Essay on Palestine, Anth: American Writers on Palestine, Or Books, 2015

To Tea with Turgenjev*
Essay on the independent bookstore Tranquebar, FAZ, Germany 2014

The Golden Future of the Non-Gilded European Youth
Essay, Cicero Magazine, Germany, April 2014

To Write for the Young Within*
Essay, Writing of Literature, anthology, Voland&Quist, Germany 2013

It’s Your Choice*
Essay Decision making/Future, Austausch Magazine, Germany 2013

Vox Populi: Money Talks*
Essay questioning mass-capitalism, Max Joseph magazine, Germany, 2013

Europa. Wer bist Du?*
Essay on European identity, Die Welt, Germany, 2012

Between the Lines*
Essay on Literature/Humanity, Lettre Internationale, Germany/ Rom. 2012

The Spy Next Door*
Essay about Wikileaks, Cicero Cultural Magazine, Germany 2011

Long Live, Denmark
Essay on Immigration, Politiken, Denmark, 2009

The Power of Art, the Art of Power*
Essay on Literature, Politiken, Denmark 2009; Berlin lit festival 2012

Short story, TransEuropeExpress, Italy 2008

Why no Guru is a True Guru*
Essay, La Repubblica, Italy, 2007

On Quality and Literature
Essay, Danish Teachers’ Magazine, 2007

May Muhammad have Mercy on My Country*
Essay, Information, Denmark, 2006

Walking Naked*
Essay on Literature and Nationalism, Lettre Internationale, Denmark, 2005

Our Different Realities*
Essay on the global media, Lettre Internationale, Denmark, 2005

With Hips Rolling and Eyes on the Ground*
Story/Essay on freedom of speech & responsibility, Gyldendal, DK, 2005

Essay in anthology, Politikens Forlag, Denmark, 2005

Between the Lines
Essay on literature and reality, Information, Denmark, 2005

Fictional essay on the personal writing process, People’s Press, DK, 2004

The Law on Poverty
Philosophical law on mental and material poverty, Brøndums Forlag, 2000

*These essays are also included (in an updated version) in the Essay collection Walking Naked, Politikens Forlag 2018.