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30. January 2024 – Essay: Between Good & Evil

This essay on the mechanisms of radicalization, I wrote some years ago when in Scandinavia and Europe various forms of extremes, such as right wing nationalism and fundamentalist Islamism, still seemed in their infancy. When I still thought they would be easily halted. That didn’t happen. On the contrary, even in the US, the land of the free, this extremism has taken so much root that a former President who tried to make a coup against his own country’s democracy, now is in the running for this Presidency again – by the very institutional means he himself undercut and attacked.
Considering the New Hampshire primary results, I think it’s the right moment to publish it again here. (And on a little personal note: also in exasperation, considering that I am myself subjected since years, to an immense amount of very destructive harassment, the perpetrators of which today I can only liken to terrorizing extremists).

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12. January 2024

Essay:   I WISH I HAD WORDS  – Ode to a Land
#GazaCeasefire   #PalestinePeace   #Israel

This Essay – published in the anthology ‘RENDITION: American Authors on Palestine’ by OR Books in 2015 – depicts the background story for the terrible Murder Foretold that we’re currently all watching unfold in Gaza. I wrote it after having travelled through the West Bank, witnessing first hand the destructive impact of the occupation on the Palestinian people.

While anyone of a sane mind can naturally only condemn and deplore the horrors of the Hamas killings of civilian Israelis on 7. October; Anyone sane also has no choice but to condemn and deplore multifold the ensuing, and still ongoing, horrifying evisceration by the Israeli State of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

I hardly had words to describe the kind of destitution and daily undermining of a people, I saw in 2014. As a fiction writer, I knew that sometimes the best way to tell the truth of a situation almost too hard to face, is to put it in the form of a story. So here is the ALPHABET that then I put together for Palestine and her people (and as I see it, it’s also for the soul, and thus the future existence, of Israel). As many others, I also knew that the suppression and suffering I witnessed, without major intervention and policy change, were somehow prescribing a future carnage – the form of which would be anyone’s guess: Only now we know its shape.

The intervention of World Powers didn’t come in the many years before, when it should have.
Let’s hope that now, it will.

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#GazaCeasefire    #PalestinePeace

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