Janne Teller is a critically acclaimed and bestselling Danish novelist of Austrian-German family background. Her work circles around existential and ethical questions of life and civilization, and often sparks controversial debate.

Janne Teller has published eight books, including the 500 page contemporary Nordic saga Odin’s Island, the existential novel Nothing which after initially being banned has become a prize-winning international bestseller sold in more than 1.5 million copies worldwide, and the much awarded passport book War – what if it were here? about life as a refugee, which she rewrites for each country where it is published.

Janne Teller has received numerous literary awards including the American Michael L. Printz Honor Award for Literary Excellence, the Danish Drassow Prize for literary work towards peace and human understanding, and the French Prix Libbylit for best young adult book in the French-speaking world.  Many of her books are performed as theatre plays across the world, two of them also as original operas, and one as a motion picture. Her literature is translated into 36 languages.

Janne Teller often participates in the international public debate, particularly concerning multiculture, democracy and human rights, and has undertaken numerous activist initiatives to these ends.

Educated as a macro-economist, before becoming a full-time writer, Janne Teller worked for the United Nations with humanitarian assistance and conflict resolution. She now lives in London.

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